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Shedding light on single nano-objects

to achieve a deeper understanding of the nanoworld and the molecules of life



A new tool for nanoparticle 

  • Single molecules

  • Freely moving

  • Label free

  • Easy to use

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Envues technology is applicable to a range of different applications including:

  • Molecular weight determination

  • Molecular interactions

  • Molecular conformation studies

  • Single particle counting

  • Diffusivity determination

About us

Envue was started as a spinout company from the Langhammer group at Chalmers university of Technology. The method was developed by combining expertise in the fields of nano fabrication, nano optics and bio physics and resulted in one of the most sensitive label free optical bio sensing methods available today.

Now Envue is bringing this new technology to a wider audience.

Interested in our technology?

If you have suggestions, ideas or want to hear more, we would love to hear from you!

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