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Shedding light on single nano-objects

to achieve a deeper understanding of the nanoworld and the molecules of life



A new tool for nanoparticle characterization

  • Single molecules

  • Freely moving

  • Label free

  • Easy to use

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We are convinced that there are many applications for our microscope. Right now we are investigating the following areas

  • Molecular weight determination

  • Molecular interactions

  • Molecular conformation studies

  • Single particle counting

  • Diffusivity determination



About us

Envue is a young company from Sweden founded at Chalmers University of Technology in 2020.  It was started as a spinout company by researches from the Langhammer group at the division of Chemical Physics at Chalmers University of Technology. Now we are growing into a company with the goal of enabling a brand new technology to a wider audience.

Interested in our technology?

If you have suggestions, ideas or want to hear more, we would love to hear from you!

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