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A label free method to look at molecules down to sizes of 3 nm radius


Nanofluidic scattering microscopy

An optical microscopy technique that enables direct label-free imaging of freely moving biomolecules in real-time.


Resolution is high enough to capture the Brownian motion of a biomolecule with molecular weight ranging down to tens of kDa. 

A single Thyroglobulin molecule diffusing inside a Nanofluidic channel


How does it work?

Nanofluidic scattering microscopy (NSM) is based on optical microscopy of small objects suspended inside Nanofluidic channels. In this configuration, light scattered from the object and the channel will interfere, resulting in a greatly magnified optical signature. 

Objects moving inside the channel can be tracked and based on their movement characteristics their size can be determined.


Read more about the science behind NSM  in the scientific publication found here:

The Technology

Envue's technology consists of three core elements. Together they create a powerful technique that allows you to study extremely small particles in a completly new way.

1. The nanofluidic chip

A chip fabricated in a cleanroom facility comprising nanofluidic channels through which the biomolecules flow and diffuse.


2. The microscope

The nanofluidic channels are imaged by a dark-field optical microscope that was specially designed to maintain a high mechanical stability and to maximize the imaging quality.



3. Data analysis

We use a combination of machine learning and conventional algorithms to extract as much information as possible from the data.


Want to hear more?

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