Where would you like to have label free single molecule resolution?



Study proteins and other biomolecules

Mass and optical contrast

For most biological molecules the relation between mass and optical contrast is a linear function. Therefore, our microscope and nanofluidic chips enable direct measurements of single biomolecule mass with an accuracy of 10 kDa.

Size distributions

With our microscope and nanofluidic chips you can determine the diffusion constant of single molecules or other small objects, such as nanoparticles. From here it's easy to calculate their hydrodynamic radius. By tracking them for several seconds the value becomes very accurate and we can reliably distinguish size populations in your sample.

Molecular interactions

See molecular interactions with your own eyes. Analyse the number of occurrences and their duration to determine binding constants or study molecule-substrate affinity and molecule-molecule interactions. All is possible with our microscope and unique nanofluidic chips.


Use it for quality control

Oligomer formations

The function of nanoparticles and molecules can change dramatically if aggreagtion occurs. Use our microscope and nanofluidic chips to see if your sample tends to form dimer, trimer or other oligomer aggregates.

Particle counting

Count the number of nanoparticles in your sample. By letting the sample flow through our nanochannels one can count every nanoparticle in the liquid, determine the size and optical contrast.

A versatile research tool

Modify and combine

The microscopy technique can be modified for you needs. Combine with other tools to fit your research. For example add a flow controller to regulate the velocity of molecules moving through the field of view. Or apply a voltage and study how electrical forces affects your molecules. The possibilites to be creative are endless. 


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